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Tattoo request form

Please fill out any relevant information I may need for your appointment below.

TATTOO INFORMATION (please, one tattoo idea per form):
Is this a cover-up?
Upload pictures
Upload pictures

Please, take a well-lit photo of the area you want the tattoo. Also If there is a cover-up involved or scar that you would like covered as well as some area around it. 

Style of your new tattoo
Upload pictures
Upload pictures

Add any reference about the idea you have in mind, style, other tattoos, colors...etc

Have you been tattooed by me before?


The price of the session will be explained after received this form, which includes about 5-6 hours per day. If it is a large-scale work (sleeve, leg, backpieces, etc.), it will require multiple sessions.



I will ask for a $400 non-refundable deposit upon booking. A deposit must be sent in order to secure your date/appointments. Deposits are taken via via bank transfer.

Thank you so much for your submission! I will try my best to get back to you immediately.

Thanks! We will send you a price quote shortly.
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